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Occupational Health

Occupational Health


TP Health (formerly Team Prevent) provides Occpational Health Services for customers who have purchased an Occupational Health Service Level Agreement:




Medigold provides customers Occupational Health Services on a 'Pay as you go' basis:


If you are unsure which provider you are registered with please Contact us to confirm.

What do occupational health providers offer?

Occupational health (OH) services can offer an invaluable tool to support schools and colleges with the management of staff absence and ensuring the health and wellbeing of employees. OH provide independent, impartial advice on the effects of work on an employee's health and - vice versa - the effects that a particular health condition or injury is likely to have on the employee's ability to work. OH providers can assess and provide advice on:

  • an individual’s fitness to undertake a specific role through pre-employment screening;
  • when an employee is likely to be well enough to return after a period of absence;
  • whether any adaptations are needed to facilitate their return;
  • whether an employee may be eligible for ill-health retirement under applicable pension schemes.

They can often also provide additional services in the form of advice and information on ergonomics, specialist equipment for staff with disabilities, health promotion campaigns, policies and procedures and vaccinations.


Looking for an occupational health provider?

Subject to geographical location and contract we can provide Strictly Education 4S HR customers with access to an occupational health provider with whom we have a partnership arrangement in place. Contact us to find out what services we can offer in your area.