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Promoting Positive Mental Health

Promoting Positive Mental Health


Often when we talk about ‘wellbeing’ the focus is on what staff members can and should do to safeguard their good health. School and college leadership teams and line managers can, however, have a tremendous impact – positive or negative – on the state of staff mental and physical health. 

Government research suggests that employee wellbeing is enhanced where:

  • Employees perceive a level of control over how to do their job and, just as importantly, a degree of control over issues within the broader organisation, such as participation in decision making.
  • There is a variety of work.
  • Expectations of performance are clear through feedback mechanisms.
  • There is the opportunity to use and develop skills through training.
  • There is positive interpersonal contact and social support.
  • There is a perception of fairness in terms of treatment, both with respect to the individual employee and other staff.
  • There is physical security, in terms of safety, appropriate equipment and a pleasant working environment.
  • There is job security as well as career prospects.
  • There is higher pay, specifically in relation to others performing the same role.
  • The individual’s own perception is that their job role carries significance, both within the organisation and within society as a whole.

Managers have varying degrees of control over these factors, however how well managers build relationships, manage performance and attendance, communicate and act as a role model for staff indisputably affects engagement, job satisfaction, work-life balance and, ultimately, wellbeing.

In the resources section below you can download our guide on promoting positive mental health in the workplace, which covers day-to-day actions managers can take, what to do when an employee is suffering from  stress or other mental health difficulties and how to talk about mental health with staff:

Short of time? You can also watch a brief video on talking to staff about mental health from our 'HR Take Two' series:


Downloads and Resources

Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

Guidance document for school and college leaders and line managers on managing stress and mental health difficulties and promoting a wellbeing culture

Last updated: 26/07/19