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HR Training and Conferences

HR Training and Conferences


Effective management of employees and customers (pupils, parents and others) is essential for a successful school. Whilst there is extensive training in relation to pupils, the skills needed for people management are often overlooked.

Productivity, harmony and wellbeing can all improve with appropriate HR interventions. Our courses are affordable and invaluable.

Our training offer

We provide a wide range of training workshops on the management of human resources. Whether you are a senior or middle leader, school business manager or working in a teaching, classroom support or office role, we can enhance your confidence and effectiveness in this area.

Our courses are designed specifically for staff working in schools and can be accessed via our training course schedule (you can find out which courses and workshops currently have scheduled dates on our online training page), or can be delivered at your school with the precise content and duration tailored to the particular requirements of your organisation.

Our workshops are delivered by our experienced HR consultants either at your individual school, at a time to fit in with your staff, or to a group of schools at a location of your choice. Workshops can be adapted to accommodate varying numbers of staff: individuals, small groups or whole school.

Contact us for further information or a no-obligation discussion about training needs.


Tailored for you...

Courses available for all school staff at all levels

Held at your school or a location of your choice

Group together with other schools to spread the cost

Adapt the content, duration and time to suit you


Further information about some of our current courses is available below.

Training Courses

  Middle / Senior Leaders  
  SBMs, Bursars, Admin Staff 

Safer Recruitment for School Managers

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children starts with ensuring that staff and volunteers in education settings are selected and vetted in line with statutory requirements intended to robustly assess their suitability to work with children and young people.

This workshop is aimed at all those with a responsibility for recruitment, including those who may be shortlisting and interviewing staff as well as those responsible for undertaking vetting checks.

Whilst the focus is predominantly on safer recruitment, we also consider the employment law context and best practice principles in selection and appointment to ensure a broader understanding of the risks associated with getting the process wrong.

Although there is certain minimum content to be covered, there is an opportunity to focus in on particular areas of the process according to delegates’ roles.

Undertaking this training meets the requirements of the School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009 for at least one panel member who conducts an interview in a maintained school to have undertaken safer recruitment training.

  SBMs, Bursars, Admin Staff 

Foundations of HR in Education

This is a highly recommended programme for anyone who has a role that involves HR management in Education. 

This course has been designed to help delegates get a greater understanding of HR best practice including statutory requirements related to pay and conditions of service that are specific to education. The content covers the key HR administrative processes and procedures that are needed to ensure best practice. This includes signposting to relevant sources of information and templates, helping delegates stay up to date and compliant with current regulations.

A range of practical exercises are included to help delegates work through potential scenarios that they might face around the management of staff in schools. Delegates will have the opportunity to increase their understanding in relation to the different terms and conditions of employment that apply for support staff and teachers. This training is relevant to education settings based in any local authority area, including maintained schools and academy trusts.

This course is run online over four modules of 2.5 hours each.

  SBMs, Bursars, Admin Staff 

Managing and Processing DBS Checks

This course is currently being delivered online over three separate modules and has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of a school’s statutory requirements in relation to carrying out DBS and other pre-employment checks and maintaining their Single Central Record.

This course is aimed at Primary Applicant Managers/Applicant Managers/ID Checkers/DBS System Users who manage and process DBS checks.

The session will develop a greater understanding of the Disclosure and Barring Service provided through demonstration of online resources available and provision of a comprehensive overview of legislation, processing requirements for DBS, the pre-employment check requirements of Keeping Children Safe in Education, managing the SCR and risk assessment of positive DBS disclosures.

  SBMs, Bursars, Admin Staff 

Managing the Single Central Record

This course has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of a school’s statutory requirements in maintaining their Single Central Record in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education and Ofsted guidance, and of the administration of pre-employment checks.

The session is critical for anyone responsible for maintaining the Single Central Record and carrying out associated checks. The content will be useful to those new in post as well as more experienced staff as the course is constantly updated to reflect the current statutory requirements.

  Line Managers / Middle Leaders 

Foundations of Line Management

Focus on how to get the best out of the people in your school

This course is for those in management roles who may be either new to post or who perhaps have been in post for a while but not yet undertaken any formal training to support them in their journey. This is for individuals who are keen to develop their skills to make sure they are successful in their role.

Line managers play a major role in the day-to-day running of the school/college as well as supporting the learning culture, aimed at giving every pupil the chance to reach their potential.  

Extensive research shows that good line management is vital for employee engagement, retention and wellbeing and is reflected in the overall performance of a manager's team. 

This course promotes understanding of self and others to lead high achieving teams. It is designed to help delegates reach a deeper understanding of the difference between management and leadership and the important role of policies, together with developing the key skills to build trust within the team. 

  All Staff 

Redeployment - Job Search Training

This workshop is aimed at all employees who are vulnerable due to changes in their working environment and are seeking new employment. The focus of the session is to provide the necessary understanding and skills in order to engage with recruitment processes with confidence.

The workshop provides the opportunity to reflect on their job search and to ensure they are focussed on the right employment opportunities, which will be informed by their experience and strengths. They will develop their understanding of the expectations of employers in the recruitment process and how best to present their experience and skills from the CV/application process through to interviews.

  All Staff 

Managing Demands on Your Time

Workload in schools is often a concern with staff struggling to find capacity to cater for conflicting demands. This workshop introduces strategies and techniques to help delegates make the most of their time, manage their workload and prioritise more effectively.

  All Staff 

Managing Stress and Building Resilience

It is important for all staff to be able to develop a resilient mind-set which will enable them to face inevitable and unavoidable uncertainty and challenge with positivity.

This workshop helps delegates to focus on how to build personal resilience, manage stress and ensure health and wellbeing, by introducing practical tools and strategies along with allowing time for personal reflection and learning from colleagues.

  Middle / Senior Leaders 

Managing Capability Issues

How and when should a manager move from performance management to capability? This course will help delegates to identify and perform this confidently by reviewing the key policy areas, and the practical steps that can be taken to ensure all parties involved understand their role and the stages of the process including the possible outcomes.

The course will help to identify support mechanisms and techniques to avoid a lengthy process and/or achieve win-win outcomes.

  Middle / Senior Leaders 

Managing Redundancy & Changing Staffing Needs

Is your school in the process of having to consider making changes or reductions to its staffing? If so this workshop is highly recommended to help you through this challenging situation.

We provide an overview of the process including the legal obligations on school leadership and governors. We also provide the opportunity to plan your process and discuss alternative methods of redundancy selection criteria, selection pools and redeployment.

  All Staff 

Team Building

A staff team building session can provide multiple benefits, such as increased motivation, productivity and communication. Participating in team building/ problem-solving activities together helps employees to appreciate each other's strengths, weaknesses and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together and support each other.

  Middle / Senior Leaders 

Managing Difficult Conversations

This workshop will help you to develop the skills and confidence necessary to have effective conversations with staff about underperformance and/or misconduct. We provide a balanced blend of theory with the opportunity to practice or observe key skills and techniques in a supportive environment.

  Middle / Senior Leaders 

Managing Investigations

Even in the best run school, situations arise that may prompt the need for an investigation, either on matters of conduct, capability or grievance. This workshop will develop skills within your leadership team to determine whether or not an employment investigation is appropriate. If it is, the correct procedure to follow is outlined that will help to avoid common pitfalls in the process.

Issues specific to the education sector will be covered, giving managers the skills to conduct a robust investigation and in doing so, provide an effective defence against any subsequent legal proceedings.

  Middle / Senior Leaders 

Appraisal Training

With all the time pressures in school, the appraisal process gives a valuable opportunity to reflect on what has gone well and help staff feel valued, as well as identify areas for improvement and growth.

Doing this effectively requires specific skills and knowledge. This workshop reviews the context of school policies, appraisal regulations and professional/occupational standards. Delegates have the opportunity to discuss and explore the role and responsibilities of the appraiser and appraisee and practice setting robust objectives.

As engagement and preparation by appraisees is also important, we offer whole school sessions to ensure the appraisal process is understood by everyone. Workshops are differentiated according to the delegates’ roles, whether this is teachers, support staff or whole school.