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Updated Operational Guidance for Schools

29th March 2021

The government has published updated operational guidance for schools including expectations for clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) staff once shielding is paused from 31 March 2021. At present advice is that CEV individuals should continue to shield until 1 April, even after they have been vaccinated. 

After shielding advice is paused nationally from 31 March CEV staff need to  follow the rules in place for everyone under the current national restrictions. From 1 April staff in schools who are CEV are advised to continue to work from home where possible, but if they cannot work from home should attend their workplace ensuring they follow relevant education sector guidance and maintain good transmission prevention practice in the workplace. Those living with someone who is CEV can still attend work where home-working is not possible and should ensure they maintain good prevention practice in the workplace and home settings.

Clinically Vulnerable (CV) staff can continue to attend school. While in school they must follow the relevant education sector guidance to minimise the risks of transmission. Staff who live with those who are CV can attend the workplace but should ensure they maintain good prevention practice in the workplace and at home.

Schools should consult specific government advice for pregnant employees  and ensure they adhere to any national guidance on social distancing recommended for this group. Pregnant women are considered clinically vulnerable (CV) and in some cases clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV).