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Relaunch of Employee Assistance Programme

31st July 2019

Following the acquisition of 4S by Strictly Education we have been in discussion with Optima Health, providers of our Employee Assistance Programme  (HELP Employee Assistance), to agree a new contract. Having concluded those discussions we are now pleased to announce that we will be relaunching the EAP service with a new telephone number and a new wellbeing platform.

Therefore with immediate effect the telephone number for staff to call is 0800 028 5147.

Publicity materials for staff will be sent out to schools and colleges that purchase this service in the next few weeks which will include details of the new wellbeing platform (Optimise). Individuals who contact the old telephone number will still be responded to.

As a reminder the EAP service includes the following:

  • Access to an EAP helpline, available 24/7, 365 days a year for employees and their families
  • Provision of telephone or face to face counselling, for up to six sessions, or online e-cognitive behaviour therapy (e-cbt) as deemed clinically appropriate
  • Provision of up to six sessions of manager coaching (e.g. to support a manager to effectively deal with a situation)
  • Up to four (messaging) review sessions will be provided for employees receiving e-cbt support
  • Telephone access to debt management support via our third-party provider, subject to HMRC tax regulations
  • Telephone access to legal support provided by our third-party provider, subject to HMRC tax regulations
  • Access to an EAP website / information library for both employees and managers providing practical self-help information and guidance
  • The provision of a wellbeing platform (Optimise) to aid identification of health and wellbeing risks, designed to empower employees to take greater control of their wellbeing. 


Telephone and web-based support is also available for family members (restrictions apply).

Full details of the service is available to existing customers on the EAP page.

If you are interested in purchasing this service then please contact us for further details and a quote at