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NJC Term Time Working Guidance

20th June 2019

On 13th March 2019, a new section of guidance was introduced into the Green Book on term-time working, chiefly looking at guiding principles around term-time working and annual leave and an advisory model for calculating pay and re-calculating pay in certain circumstances. We have now published our own guidance, looking at key aspects of the Green Book advice, as well as a new calculator tool based on the advisory models.

At time of publication of the updated Green Book, the NJC recommended that schools review their term-time only working policies and pay and leave calculations to ensure that they are consistent with the principles outlined in the guidance, consulting with recognised trade unions about any proposed changes. Adherence to the guidance is not mandatory, however maintained schools should have regard to any changes which are made by their local authority, for example to the mechanism for calculating pro-rata pay.

Academies and other independent settings and colleges do, of course, have freedom to determine their own rules around term-time working calculations and principles, provided these are consistent with employment law and the terms of individual contracts. As the complexities of term-time contracts are shared across the sector, however, such settings may still find the guidance of interest.

HR customers can access links to the Green Book, our new guidance and new calculator in our pay and conditions area.