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Keeping Children Safe in Education - what changed in the final version?

26th October 2018

In June 2018 we published a briefing note on the changes included in the ‘for information’ draft version of the statutory guidance document Keeping Children Safe in Education.

When the final version was published on 3rd September it included additional changes, detailed (alongside the original amendments) in Annex H of the document. Subsequent to that, on 19th September, some further revisions were made.

We are therefore publishing this supplementary briefing note to highlight these subsequent changes, to the extent that we believe they may impact on HR practices and procedures, and to offer some advice on suggested actions to take to ensure compliance with the latest version of the document.

This advice cannot, of course, act as a substitute for reading and understanding the revised guidance and we would suggest reviewing Annex H as a useful starting point.

KCSiE - Final Changes