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Working Time

Working Time


Working time arrangements for workers are underpinned by the Working Time Regulations (WTR) 1998. Collective agreements can modify or exclude certain entitlements but essentially - with the exception of the ability to opt out of the 48-hour working week - workers are unable to contract out of their rights under the WTR.

This topic area covers the statutory working time rights under the WTR as well as the arrangements that apply to teachers under the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document and Green Book for support staff. Establishments where other collective agreements apply should refer to these for any references on working time limits or operation.

In our guidance and information section we provide information on the Working Time Regulations 1998 in respect of the limits on weekly working hours and minimum requirements for night work and rest breaks. Information is also available on the working week under 'Green Book' terms and working time provisions under the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document.

Templates and tools contains a working time opt out form and information on its operation.

You can also find some FAQs with answers to some of the commonly-asked questions around working time.


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