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Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing Surveys

Wellbeing Surveys


Why undertake wellbeing surveys?

Conducting a staff wellbeing survey is a practical way to help understand the key issues in your school or college around factors such as workload, quality of relationships and physical and mental health. Where you have already started taking measures aimed at improving wellbeing, surveys are also a useful mechanism for monitoring the impact these are having. It's a good idea to repeat the survey periodically to check on progress and understand any new problems which are arising, as well as to provide a platform for staff to suggest improvements themselves.


Developing a survey

You can either develop and run your own in-house wellbeing survey or alternatively, if you want to save time or would value an impartial perspective, there are various off-the-shelf packages which can be bought in. We are also able to offer a fixed-price wellbeing survey package which includes a bespoke report and recommendations.


Planning for a survey

It's important to first consider what you want to get out of conducting a survey as you will need to be able to communicate this to staff if you want to encourage them to participate. Staff may be reluctant to do so if they think there could be adverse consequences for them or others. Responses should advisably be anonymous. Think ahead about the best time to conduct the survey (clearly not at the busiest time of the year) and how long to keep it open for responses. 


Conducting the survey and following up

Let all staff know what the survey is for and what will happen to the responses. Once the survey has closed always make sure you do follow up. The surest way to ensure that staff will not bother to participate in a similar survey again is to do nothing with the results. With a reasonable response rate, the findings of the survey will put you in a good position to start planning measures to improve wellbeing, and these can be taken forwards in consultation with staff. See Creating a Wellbeing Strategy for a step-by-step guide on developing your plans.