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Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak

Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak


The coronavirus pandemic is a fast-changing and difficult situation for all of us to deal with in the various roles we have, not just as school leaders, governors or staff, but as parents, carers, family members and volunteers in the community. Whilst we have all naturally been focussing on the pandemic as a physical health issue there is a very clear mental health challenge linked to what we're experiencing too. It's completely normal to feel anxious in response to the current unprecedented circumstances and we need to openly acknowledge this and do what we can to support ourselves.

In times like this it can be easy to forget the basic things that you can do to support yourself. These include:


Taking breaks from news and social media

Limit the amount of time you watch, read or listen to coverage of the outbreak (including on social media) and only use trustworthy sources when you do

Look after your body as best you can

Eat healthily, exercise where you can (indoors if necessary!), get plenty of sleep and make time to meditate or just take deep breaths for a few minutes

Unwind with activities you enjoy

Find things you can still do at home, such as catching up with hobbies or calling friends; think of something new you can learn online


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England have produced a three-page factsheet with tips for supporting your mental health and feeling connected with colleagues. This would be an easy resource to share with staff. In addition, we have collated below some content from external sites which we think may be useful to you or which you may wish to signpost to your staff at this time. We will be adding to our resources in this area over the coming weeks.

Team Prevent (our occupational health partner provider) have produced two Health and Wellbeing Toolkits which they are happy to share with all our registered users. One focuses on Key Workers, the other the challenges of Homeworking.

Public Health England (PHE)  have published advice and information on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The Department for Education & the Department for Health and Social Care  responded to the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and wellbeing by announcing on 7th June 2020 a new £95,000 pilot project in partnership with the Education Support Partnership   focussing on teachers’ and leaders’ mental health, providing online peer-support and telephone supervision from experts to around 250 school leaders.

Mental Health at Work, a gateway to documents, guides, tips, videos, courses, podcasts, templates and information from organisations across the UK, all aimed at helping you get to grips with workplace mental health has produced a toolkit aimed at supporting teachers' mental health during the pandemic.

Mind, a mental health charity has teamed up with Twinkl to create a selection of resources to help and support educators during times of school closures and partial reopenings.



Downloads and Resources

Working from home - adapting to change (Dr Barbara Mariposa)

A mini-webinar from "Dr B", a key speaker at our health and wellbeing conference, on working from home during the coronarvirus pandemic

Last updated: 26/03/20

Watch now

Coronavirus and your wellbeing (Mind)

Information from Mind on planning for staying indoors and taking care of your own mental health and wellbeing

Last updated: 24/03/20

Visit webpage

Looking after your mental health while working during the coronavirus outbreak (Mental Health Foundation)

Tips for home and remote working, including information for employers and leaders

Last updated: 24/03/20

Visit webpage

Coronavirus: how to protect your mental health (BBC)

Advice for individuals focussing on taking breaks from media, staying connected with people and avoiding burnout

Last updated: 24/03/20

Visit webpage

Mental wellbeing audio guides (NHS)

A series of short audio guides to help boost your mood, including anxiety control training, overcoming sleep problems and avoiding unhelpful thinking

Last updated: 24/03/20

Listen now

Supporting young people's mental health during periods of disruption (Anna Freud)

Guidance to those supporting children and young people on minimising the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their mental health

Last updated: 24/03/20

Visit webpage

Working through the coronavirus crisis (Nic Marks blog)

What the science of wellbeing can teach us about dealing with a crisis and how to build a successful remote team

Last updated: 24/03/20

Visit webpage

Mentally Yours: Coronavirus ( podcast)

Podcast including advice from Mind on looking after your mental health during the pandemic

Last updated: 24/03/20

Listen now

Looking after each other and ourselves

A guide to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of staff at schools and colleges during periods of disruption - Anna Freud NCCF

Last updated: 23/04/20