Resignation, Termination and Retirement

Resignation, Termination and Retirement


The employment relationship is, of course, not indefinite. There will come a time when either the employee wishes to leave of his/her own accord - because of a new job offer, relocation, retirement, caring responsibilities or other reasons - or the employer wishes to terminate the relationship.

This topic collection covers the notice periods provisions that will usually apply when one party ends the employment relationship, as well as looking at HR issues that may arise in relation to voluntary resignations, terminations (whether by dismissal or mutual agreement) and retirements. Resources are also available to help support school and college leaders who are faced with the sad situation of an employee dying in service.

Exit interviews or questionnaires can be a very useful tool for gathering information and views from departing employees about their experiences of employment. An example form and guidance notes are also available in this area (see voluntary resignations).

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