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Probation and Induction, including Early Career Framework (ECF)

Probation and Induction, including Early Career Framework (ECF)


The induction of a new employee into the organisation is the final stage in the recruitment and selection process and is just as important as the stages that precede it. Induction is the process by which the employee gets to know their new role, the culture and working environment, the work rules and procedures they are expected to adhere to and the people with whom they will interact. Clearly the responsibility falls on the new employer to ensure that the induction process is well-designed and implemented: it is easy for an employee to receive only a cursory induction and for performance concerns to then arise as a result of their lack of understanding and/or motivation.

Serving a period of 'probation' is a common requirement of new employees and is therefore intrinsically linked to induction but the terms on which it will operate are a separate matter for the contract of employment. Many employees are engaged on the basis that they must first satisfy the employer of their ability to perform the role to the required standard over a fixed period - often six months - and the employee may have their employment terminated prior to or at this point if the employer determines that performance has been inadequate. Generally a much shorter notice period will apply during probation (subject to minimum statutory notice provisions).


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In our guidance and information section you can find guidance on staff induction  (including the new 24 month induction period necessary for Early Career Teachers) and on managing probationary periods; these resources are complemented by template letters, a model review form and induction checklist in our templates and tools. Our FAQs cover some commonly-asked questions in the area of staff induction and managing probation.

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