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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions


Analysis of the duties and tasks which an employee undertakes (or will undertake in the case of a vacant post) should form the basis of a job description and person specification for every distinct post. Job descriptions and person specifications are not a legal requirement but form the basis of a wide range of HR decisions, plans and processes. Their most obvious use is as a key part of the recruitment and selection process, with the aim of ensuring as far as possible a good match between applicants' skills and experience and the role to be performed.

In using these as part of selection the employer stands a better chance of demonstrating that recruitment decisions made were unbiased and based on objective factors.

They are also relevant to performance appraisal, to ascertaining pay and grading (particularly in settings where a job evaluation scheme applies) and help to manage the expectations of both parties with regard to the remit of the role and where it sits in the overall staffing structure.


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In this area you can download in our guidance and information section information on using job descriptions and person specifications. In our templates and tools you will find example formats for job descriptions and person specifications as well as some templates for common roles in schools and colleges. Answers to some commonly-asked questions on the subject can also be obtained within our FAQs.

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