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Appointing Volunteers and Atypical Workers

Appointing Volunteers and Atypical Workers


There are various ways in which schools and colleges engage individuals to perform work on their behalf which extend beyond the usual employer-employee relationship. In many education establishments, for example, volunteers perform a vital role assisting in the classroom or supporting school visits and other activities.

Where more flexibility is required in particular roles, individuals may be engaged on a casual 'as and when required' or supply basis as 'workers' rather than employees or they may be engaged from an agency where the school is the hirer rather than the employer. Schools may also use self-employed individuals to undertake projects. Employment status is often therefore a key question that arises in disputes in many of these atypical arrangements.

There are also categories of worker for whom there are particular requirements or obligations in place. Apprentices undertaking a formal apprenticeship are one example, as are young people in general for whom there are byelaws and health and safety regulations impacting upon the hours they can work.


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This topic area includes guidance and information about these working arrangement and categories as well as some templates and tools to ensure that such arrangements are set up properly. You can also find answers to some commonly-asked questions in our FAQs.

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