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Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment


About this topic area

Staffing your school or college is one of the most crucial activities that managers and governors undertake, regardless of organisation size. The recruitment and selection process covers a diverse range of activities, commencing with a review of the post to be filled, a decision on the type of contract to be offered and how and when to advertise. Assuming a suitable pool of candidates can be established, time and effort must be expended on devising appropriate selection activities and interview questions as well as organising the selection day. If a person is successfully identified for appointment there are a range of pre-employment checks that need to be undertaken before the offer of appointment becomes unconditional.

The effort required to undertake a recruitment process properly is time well spent as the implications of poor appointment choices can be substantial in terms of the time and cost to rectify the situation subsequently, as well as associated reputational impact where poor performers or disengaged individuals are working directly with pupils, parents or other stakeholders.

What's in this topic collection:

This topic collection provides a range of resources relevant to the recruitment and selection process. In addition to general guidance on the recruitment and selection stages, templates and further information are available on:

  • different types of employment and contractual arrangements;
  • conditional offers of employment;
  • particular rules that apply to appointment in schools;
  • job descriptions;
  • advice on managing probation and induction; and
  • maintaining a Single Central Record.