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Pay and Conditions of Service

Pay and Conditions of Service


About this topic area

In most education establishments pay and conditions of employment are – to a greater or lesser extent – dictated by a mixture of collective agreements, statutory pay orders (in the case of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document) and sector custom and practice (such as term time only pay). Pay and conditions are, of course, also underpinned by employment law which provides for a minimum floor of worker rights, such as the minimum wage.

What's in this topic collection:

This topic collection provides a range of resources covering pay and conditions. The subtopic areas contain information about the core pay arrangements that apply to teachers and support staff in maintained schools and elsewhere where the same collective agreements or national provisions have been adopted.

They also cover statutory minimum provisions for the benefit of establishments that do not recognise these collective agreements although the contractual terms that apply in such settings (and indeed any alternative collective agreements in place) should, of course, also be referred to.