Employee Relations and Grievances

Employee Relations and Grievances


Maintaining positive employee relations is vitally important to the smooth running and ability to achieve successful outcomes within all education establishments. 'Employee relations' defines the employee-employer relationship and can be just as much about the informal climate in the workplace as formal consultation mechanisms through representative groups and unions.

Working with a range of unions is an everyday reality in the education sector where their purpose is partly industrial (protecting the rights and living standards of their members) and partly political (as a consultation partner of the government over education policy, as campaigners and lobbyists).

Employee relations is also about the employment relationship with individuals, however. Where problems at work are not dealt with quickly and effectively they will often result in grievances being raised or staff reporting concerns about the suspected wrongdoing of others (whistleblowing).

This topic collection contains guidance, information and resources on various aspects of managing employee relations, such as union recognition and collective bargaining, industrial action, employee grievances and whistleblowing.

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