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Employee Performance and Conduct

Employee Performance and Conduct


Managing the performance of employees proactively is - at its heart - about getting the best possible results for the school or college and for individuals. By focussing on continuous improvement, setting objectives, sharing feedback, reviewing and understanding job requirements and expectations and how these change over time, employees can benefit from feeling more engaged with their work, understand how it fits into wider organisational goals and be motivated to contribute to these. At the same time managers can understand how individual needs and aptitudes reflect or feed into the needs of the organisation and make better plans accordingly: for succession, staffing structures, CPD, strategic priorities and spending plans amongst others.

In addition to encouraging good performance, managers play a vital role in managing employees who are not performing to the standard required. The effectiveness and reputation of the school or college will be undermined by conduct or capability issues which are not addressed proactively and professionally.

About this topic collection:

This topic collection contains guidance, information and resources on performance appraisal, managing poor performance and managing misconduct. It also includes resources aimed at setting appropriate standards of conduct in certain areas in order that, where possible, misconduct resulting from ignorance of workplace rules is minimised and there is an appropriate benchmark against which action can be taken if necessary.

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